4 Animated Family Film To Enjoy During Ramadan

Spending proper family time during Ramadan is always an excellent choice. One activity that you can do together is by watching some heartfelt family film. Here are several animated family film to enjoy during Ramadan.


photo: Disney Website

Animated Family Film recommendations no 1, Encanto, even 2 years after it was released, is still a recommended film to watch. The musical fantasy comedy film setting revolved around a magical city in Colombian mountain. In addition, with the Madrigal Family that have magical powers.

Mirabel Madrigal is the only member of the family that doesn’t have any amazing power. She’s faced with pressure from her own shortcomings but she always tried her best to make her family proud of her.

The film then continues on Mirabel’s journey to save her family from the incoming doom. Aided by Bruno, her outcast uncle, Mirabel has to save the miracle, with or without power.


photo: Disney Website

Animated Family Film recommendations no 2, Coco made its premiere in 2017, and is still one of the most heartwarming Pixar films until now. It follows the story of twelve years old Miguel, who aspires to become a musician. Unfortunately, music is something that’s banned from his family.

Exploring Miguel’s struggle to convince his family. The film also further explores Miguel’s journey to go back to the living world. After stealing a guitar, he found himself in a spirit world and must obtain his deceased-family member’s blessing to go back.

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The Sea Beast

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Animated Family Film recommendations no 3, The Sea Beast is a still fresh baked film released in July 2022. The film was produced and released on Netflix. It tells the story of Hunters that’s on a warring against an aquatic giant called Sea Beast.

Jacob Holland is one of the hunters. In fact, his mission is to save his people from the ferocity of the Sea Beast that has been terrorizing them since the dawn of time. But his adventure changed when a girl named Masie slipped into his boat.

Since then, the adventure of Jacob and Masie started. They went to face the enemy around the sea. But at the same time, they might realize that something isn’t as the same as they thought.

Turning Red

photo: Disney Website

Lastly Animated Family Film recommendations no 4, Turning Red is another Pixar film released in 2022. The plot of the film revolves around Meilin Lee, a 13 year-old Asian girl with strict parents, especially her mom, Ming Lee.

Mei keep her interest in secret from her mom, such as that she’s a big fan of a boyband 4*Town and her convenient store boy crush. One morning she suddenly turned into a giant red panda.

Mei realizes that her shape-shifting is caused by a surge of a strong emotion. In the meantime, she also needs to maintain the dutiful, obedient daughter and the upcoming adolescent changes that she experiences.

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