5 Signs of Facial Purging, Have You Felt It?

Purging is the skin’s response to a treatment product containing certain active ingredients, which triggers the turnover of new skin cells. According to dermatologist Deanne Mraz Robinson, when experiencing purging, skin cell turnover occurs faster, meaning the skin can regenerate and replace dead skin cells with new, healthier skin cells, according to healthline.com.

Retinoids, AHAs, BHAs, or other types of exfoliating products and scrubs can trigger purging. The symptoms do not necessarily indicate that the beauty products used are not suitable for the skin because the spots that appear are an indication that the product used is exfoliating the skin. Don’t get confused! Let’s understand the signs of facial purging.

5 Signs of Facial Purging

  1. Skin Peeling

The easiest sign to recognize is peeling facial skin. This occurs due to the process of replacing dead skin cells with new ones. The first layer of skin, or epidermis, peels off. This indicates that the product used is reacting or working.

  1. Redness 

The next sign is that the facial skin will appear reddish. If this happens, don’t panic right away. Because redness on the skin can also indicate the condition of the skin cell cleansing process. Avoid touching the red skin area with your hands.

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  1. The Presence of Pimples

Not only does it look reddish, acne usually appears with purging conditions. It may feel uncomfortable, but usually, this only lasts for a while. Usually, acne due to purging only appears in areas that are often infected with acne.

  1. Feels Itchy

The itching is relatively mild and usually does not last long. Where the itching itself occurs when skin cells fight the remaining toxins that are still attached to the skin of the face.

  1. Whiteheads

Not only acne, it can also be accompanied by whiteheads. Both acne and whiteheads stem from the sebaceous glands producing too much sebum, which mixes with dead skin cells, which then get trapped inside the skin pores.

According to dermatologists, purging is completed within 4-6 weeks depending on the severity of the skin condition. If the process takes longer, you should immediately consult a dermatologist for treatment. Usually, the cleansing effect ends with the disappearance of acne breakouts, redness, whiteheads, and itchiness. After that, the new healthier skin will look clearer and more radiant than before.

Source: beautyhaul.com 

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