Aruma Is Tired And Disappointed In “Muak”

Aruma is a young newcomer soloist  who deserves to be in the spotlight through his debut single, “Muak.” Created by M. Aditia Sahid and Okto Ahadi, this song tells the story of someone who is tired and disappointed with their partner because they are constantly given sweet promises that never come true.

For the first single, Aruma was assisted by Keke Kananta, A&R Sony Music who provided a number of songs to choose based on the character of the voice and made it possible for her to sing. Finally, Aruma chose “Muak” as the opening song from the beginning of her hard work at the Sony Music Indonesia label and also the Indonesian music industry.

Apart from being a songwriter, M. Aditia Sahid also acts as a producer and contributes to guitar, piano, strings, and percussion. Meanwhile, mixed and mastered were done by Ari “Aru” Renaldi.

With the release of “Muak”, Aruma hopes that her first single can be accepted by music lovers in Indonesia. She also said that she always likes to try new things, including in the music industry. One of Aruma’s wishes is that one day she will be able to compose songs that incorporate elements of classical music or have natural sound effects.

In addition, Aruma also wants this song to be a friend and part of the story of our life who is in the boredom phase. When we are tired of the situation we are in, this song is here to accompany and hum along with the listeners.


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