Bayu Skak Pours His Angst  in “Iki Uripku”

Bayu Skak, a content creator and filmmaker from Malang, will release his latest movie entitled “Lara Ati” this year. He teamed up with BASE Entertainment in making this movie. Bayu also sings for the original soundtrack entitled “Iki Uripku”. 

Bayu Skak wrote and sang the song by himself. The song is inspired by a quarter life crisis where he feels anxious, uneasy, and disappointed. Quarter life crisis also fits the movie’s theme which tells us about Joko (Bayu Skak) who was disappointed after he found that his life was not linear with his expectations. 

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Joko did not like his job and his parents did not support his dream. Moreover, his girlfriend (Sahila Hisyam) got engaged with another man and left Joko alone. But, his meeting with Ayu (Tatjana Saphira), his childhood friend, gave him a new hope. With Ayu’s support, Joko was determined to change and fix his life. 

“Lara Ati” movie will be out in September 2022 and the soundtrack “Iki Uripku” is already available on all digital music platforms. 


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