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Celebrated Together with National Children’s Day, Do You Know About No TV Day?

National Children's Day

As we know, July 23rd is when we celebrate National Children’s Day. However, do you know about No Television Day? This celebration is also commemorated on July 23rd. Perhaps, it is a new thing for some of us, but the fact is that No Television Day has been existing since 2008. Anyway, what is the purpose of having a No Television Day? Here are some facts you should know about the n No Television Day.

The Background Of Its Establishment

No TV Day was established in 2008 after Yayasan Pendidikan Media Anak had an idea collaboration with Koalisi Nasional to have a day without television. The reason is that many inappropriate and unsafe for children programs were around. They were afraid that the children and teenagers would imitate the improper scene. 

The Aims Of No Tv Day

No TV Day action was established to lessen people’s dependency on TV and to reduce improper programs. This will also decrease the bad impact of TV on children. Moreover, this action aims to make parents responsible for their children’s growth by controlling and supervising the children in watching TV. 

Things We Can Do In No Tv Day

Without watching TV, there are many activities we can do with our family, such as having dinner together, cooking together, playing games, having a trip, sharing stories, and many more. No TV Day does not only help us to manage our TV time, but also helps us to have a quality time with our family. 


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