If You’re An Anime Fan, You Should Visit These 4 Places When You Go To Japan

Japan is one of the countries with famous tourist spots all over the world. Japan also not only is famous for their cultures, but also their animations or usually known as Anime. There are many Anime-themed places in Japan. This time, we offer you 4 place recommendations that will please Anime fans and everyone. 

  1. Various Anime-related places in Tokyo 

There are several places for anime fans, for example Akihabara Games Supermarket, Ghibli Art Museum if you are fond of Miyazaki’s anime. Do you love the adorable Doraemon? If Doraemon appears in your dreams, do drop by the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum, a beautiful showcase of the world of Doraemon. Also, stop by Ghibli Park and its biggest attractions to capture the beauty of classic movies.  You’ll love visiting Kamakura, the place where Slam Dunk was born. You can explore Enoshima Island and Kamakura Kokomae Station here, locations that have appeared in some of the iconic scenes of Slam Dunk. 

  1. Anime Street and the town of Detective Conan in Tottori

Here, you can find various items that bring alive the famous Detective Conan in the entire town, whose creator, Gosho Aoyama, lives here. The Tottori prefecture is also home to Sakaiminato town, where you’ll come across an Anime street. You can get yourself photographed here with various statues of anime characters, or you may also buy anime products. 

  1. Kyoto Animation, Kyoto International Manga Museum, and Kawaramachi Station

Kyoto is the home to Kyoto Animation (KyoAni) , one of the well known Anime studios. KyoAni has published anime masterpieces which have gained massive popularity. You can explore Anime art at the Kyoto International Manga Museum. In Kyoto, there is also a shopping district close to Kawaramachi Station, where we can find some anime merchandise. This shop is famous for selling items that are popular among anime and manga fans.

  1. Comic City in Osaka

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Comic City while in Osaka. As the fans here exchange their cartoons and artistic works with other visitors, it is a special place for anime aficionados. It serves as a gathering place for beginner artists, professional cartoonists, and illustrators. The Super Comic City Kansai, an expanded version, welcomes more than 40,000 Anime lovers, and there are around 12,000 teams that participate in the event held every year in August. You’ll also meet more than 4,000 cosplayers here.


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