Joan Share New Single ‘Loner’ with Accompanying Video for Their Debut Album: “Superglue”

Joan announced their new single and accompanying visuals Loner’, as the latest track to be lifted from their highly anticipated debut album superglue, which will be out April 19th via Photo Finish Records.

‘Loner’ deals with the painful experience of feeling mismatched, which results in feelings of isolation and sadness. This emotional yet upbeat song also highlights how important it is to find that feeling of acceptance and the joy that comes when you feel good about yourself and around other people.

Joan shared, “We talk all the time with each other about how we never really fit in with any crowd in high school, and we’re lucky to have found people that match with us and make us feel comfortable in our own skin. It’s a hard few years though, not having that  connection with anyone specific that really gets you. This song was brought out from that emotion and experience.”

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‘Loner’ is a captivating song dedicated to every taste of misfit, with strong pop rock soundscapes beneath a cathartic and infectious melody. The band further shared, “You know when you go to a party or really anything with a crowd, and you get annoyed because you don’t feel like you belong, and you really don’t want to be there.”

This song expresses being in that situation and knowing you’re better off hanging out in your own corner and taking care of yourself. But it’s also about someone walking into that party who looks at you and grabs you and feels the same way you do, and suddenly the thought of being with someone doesn’t seem so bad.

The single is the latest from their 12 track full length which is over three years in the making, following their beloved EPs portra, cloudy, hi and bye. Joan have spent the past few  years building their world, single by single, tour date by tour date; from their  debut EP, 2019’s portra, to  2021’s hi & bye EPs.

Their songs have been streamed over 120 million times, with well over a million listeners a month across streaming platforms and ‘loner’ lyric video is out now on @songsbyjoan’s YouTube Channel.

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