Korean Inspired Look For Men To Go Hangout

K-dramas, as part of the Korean wave or Hallyu, have already become global trends with an enormous amount of audience. K-dramas also provide fashion inspirations for us to keep looking classy and chic even while we’re just hanging out. Here are some Korean inspired look that you can try:

  1. Flannel

The combination of flannel with long pants or jeans style, which is typically seen in K-drama set in a college atmosphere. It can be worn normally or as an outer by combining it with a plain black or white t-shirt. You can also tuck the shirt and button it all the way to secure a more clean look.

  1. Cardigan outer with basic t-shirt

Mixing a cardigan outer with a plain shirt and chino pants can also be effective to give you a smart look. You can pick plain or patterned cardigan, but make sure that the color matches the aesthetic you want, either by combining it with baggy or cropped pants.

  1. Turtleneck 

Turtleneck can look incredibly stylish and practical, especially on chilly nights. Add chino pants or a pair of slim fit trousers to make it better, but you can also add outer layers such as flannel or coats at the top in case you want to make it more classy and elegant. If you want to go for more casual look, add denim jacket as the outer

  1. Denim 

Another excellent choice of style to hangout is a denim and simple t-shirt to keep things simple and clean, while also not abandoning the fashionable aspect. You can also couple it with a turtleneck and chino pants 

  1. Bomber Jacket

A lot of korean fashion look for men use the combination of bomber jacket with plain t-shirt and sweatshirt, depends on the weather. This is one of the most versatile outer, since you can combine it with baggy, cargo or even denim pants. Short pants even work with bomber to bring your modish, yet casual style.


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