Kunto Aji Invites Us to Dive into Sweet Memories in “Salam Pada Rindu”

Kunto Aji is back with a new single entitled “Salam Pada Rindu”, a collaboration with Astra Life and Ceritera. The song is made for families out there. 

“The meaning of family is wide, because I think, family is not only people who share the same blood, but also people who we choose in our life. They are the closest people to us,” said Kunto Aji. 

He added that family always filled the part of his heart and souls, so that he felt that when he was away from his family, he would miss the warmth he got from his family. Kunto Aji produced this song together with Afif Gifano and Pandji Akbari. Meanwhile, Mohammed Kamga worked as vocal director and backing vocal. The mixing was done by Ano Stevano, and the mastering was by Dimas Pradipta. 

Having a 6 minutes long song is common for Kunto Aji, but he has the reason why the song is made in such a long duration. He pours all the emotions when someone recalls their family. 

“When we talk about family, there will be various memories, from the bitter to sweet ones, although the sweet ones are many,”

“So, in this song, I tried to catch the memories with the ups and downs as if we are with our family because I want to capture all emotions related to memories about family,” 

The music video was already out on July 7, 2022, but the song will be out on July 21, 2022 on all digital streaming platforms. 


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