Pelin Dives into Bad and Good in “Luka & Obat”

Pelin tries to get out of her comfort zone by releasing a new single titled “Luka & Obat” after previously her single “Cemburu” and “Bestie” were going viral on TikTok. Eveline Restu Asmoro or Pelin worked together with Andre Dinuth and Wanda Omar in producing this song.

The song was made in a pop catchy vibes while still keeping the chill and fun nuance. Yet, she explored a more varied instrument composition with relatable and understandable lyrics. Behind the major chord progression of this song, there was a toxic relationship story lying on this song, but she did not make it mellow. 

“Luka & Obat” is about a toxic relationship which can only be passed or be ended. Pelin hopes that her listener can relate to the message that a broken relationship does not mean to be ended, but to be considered, to be fought for, and to be maintained. However, if the it was not joyful and comfortable, it was undeniable that the relationship had been felt unhappy and

uncomfortable, you should just finish it before going too far because there would be much pain in the future.

“Luka & Obat” is part of a series to her upcoming album released next year. She hopes that everyone can get the good message even though there is good in the bad. The music video of this song will be out on her Youtube channel “Eveline Restu Asmoro” on September 14, 2022. 

Eveline Restu Asmoro or Pelin is a TikTok Creator based in Surabaya who starts her career by creating singing and playing guitar content on TikTok. She released her first single “Cemburu” in 2022 and gained more than a million streams on Resso, over 200 thousands on Spotify, and the MV reached 261,402 views. Following her first single, Pelin was back with “Bestie” that was as viral as “Cemburu”. Her three singles will be in her forthcoming album that will be out next year.


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