QRIS User in East Java Reaches 4 Million People

QRIS user transaction or cashless transaction using digital payments in East Java until Februari 2023 reach 4.334.427 people. Specifically in Malang city and district, there are 489.865 merchants using QRIS as of March 2023. These numbers grew 42,87% year on year.

Samsun Hadi, Head of Representative Office of Bank Indonesia (BI) Malang said that QRIS user continue to increase, and this shows that QRIS is well received by the public. We can also change our money with QRIS, it is more practical and simple.

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Malang City and Districts are the areas with the largest number of QRIS merchants in the BI Malang working area. Other cities such as Batu City only have 27,806 merchants, Pasuruan City and Districts have 71,694 merchants, and Probolinggo City and Districts have 54,677 merchants.

Samsun Hadi again added that since the Covid-19 pandemic in 2022, the government has encouraged MSMEs to use QRIS. However, in 2023, the government encourages more consumers to use QRIS. Since 2019, BI Malang has been socializing QRIS to entrepreneurs, MSMEs and the public.

Dedy Prasetyo, Deputy Chief Representative of BI Malang, predicts that people’s desire to use QRIS will continue to increase in 2023. Small and medium entrepreneurs can easily apply for credit at banks through QRIS. MSMEs can apply for credit through banks, and banks will easily see the profile of merchant owners through QRIS.

source: suryamalang

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