Raisa Tells a Story About Uncertainty in “Bertahan Atau Pergi”

Raisa released “Bertahan Atau Pergi” which presents an uncertain condition. Mixed with an acoustic style, it is hoped that “Bertahan Atau Pergi”  will live in the listener’s memory. “Bertahan Atau Pergi” had been produced 4 months ago in a workshop between Raisa and Aldi Nada Permana as a music producer.

“This song tells a story about someone who has been in a relationship and facing an uncertain condition whether it is better to leave or stay, (either) breaking up because it doesn’t feel the same anymore or making excuses to stay,” Raisa stated.   

The release of the song was also accompanied by the release of a music video via Raisa’s Youtube channel. The theme of the music video is very fresh because it is never been made by JUNI Records before in Raisa’s other music video. Moreover, in the process of making the music video, Raisa was involved as a director with Aji Yusdhistira. 

The CEO of JUNI Records, Adryanto Pratono, said, “the clip idea came from Raisa’s short script and then we looked for a director who could actualize Raisa’s idea. We had doubts at first about the music video concept because it was totally new. Luckily, Imam Darto and Surya Insomnia were willing to help us. I think it is impossible to not laugh while watching the music video, I recommend it to watch it more than once”


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