Raski’s Lead Single “When You Smile” To Start Their 2023

Raski just disclosed their lead single for 2023, “When You Smile”. In addition, the single will be followed by a remix from Viktor Rice, an American record producer known for his work in 80’s ska wave. 

“When You Smile” is a cup of comforting lovers rock, by combining rock steady and reggae with a bit touch of soul. The song was inspired by two-way interaction and two individuals in a romantic relationship. Healing, soothing and nostalgic feelings is deep rooted in the song

Furthermore, it also explores what qualities that you seek in someone. In this case, a smile is something that you look for, as it can bring peace and ease your heart. The song is a suitable anthem for love birds that seek to confess their love on any day.

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The song is best for a calm situation. Moreover, it’s a song that you can play on the porch or even when you try to look for peace in a crowded city. Raski hoped that with this song, the audience would realize how important their smile is, and they’re strong to go against their problem.

Raski’s debut single, to sum up, is only the beginning of their journey. Raski is ready to reach higher and root deeper. In addition, bringing their refreshing and calming vibes as their trademark aesthetic.

About Raski

Raski was established in 2012, followed by the partnership with Aoki, the former vocalist. They’re formerly known as Rasvan Aoki. The band’s acclaimed album, Tyaga, was released in 2018 by Demajors and managed to garner a major attention to them.

Furthermore, after Aoki, the band continued with Kikoo which they produced “Can We Talk?”. The song was nominated for AMI Awards in 2021. Raski consists of Abink on vocals, Ferry on keyboard and Rasvan on guitar.

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