Stay Young and Pretty Like Celebrity Moms

Starting a family life and becoming a mother sometimes are something that women fear. This is because they will not be able to take care of their beauty anymore. But, it doesn’t happen to some international celebrity moms like Lee Young-Ae, Lin Chi-Ling, Jun Ji-Hyun, etc. They really care about their beauty and appearance. Some of the beauty tips and tricks are also done by them, starting from a normal routine until an extreme one. 

Beauty and healthy skin are the most important things for them and also for us. They have their own routinity like exercising, using face masks, keeping their face moist, etc. Vivian Hsu lost nine kilograms within 10 months. She did it by working out every single day. She chose to do swimming, treadmill or Pilates.She also cut down on carbs without abstaining from  them. Hsu stops eating when she feels about three-quarters full. 

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Besides that, the most important thing for some celebrities is to keep their skin moisturized. Jun JI-Hyun has her own facial-cleansing ritual. She doesn’t apply the cleanser for too long to avoid stripping it of moisture. She also uses a special DIY mask to achieve her glow. Lee Young-Ae also uses a natural beauty treatment like applying raw potato slices to her face as a mask. Lin Chi-Ling really protects her skin moisture. Lin tries to avoid air-conditioning as far as possible. She also brings a humidifier wherever she goes. Once is not enough to apply serum and moisturizer for her.

Dear Moms, you don’t have to worry if you are starting a family life or maybe you will be a mom, because taking care of your beauty is not hard to do. It is just about being consistent and willing to do it. 


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