Sugar, Sweet But Deadly

Sugar has been the main ingredient in many foods. Moreover, food and beverage products such as drinks, cakes, and cookies use much sugar in their food product. Fortunately, the awareness of sugar has risen because of the negative effects of consuming too much sugar. In addition to that, here is the side effect of sugar and the maximum dose of sugar to consume. 

Not only children, but adults also love to consume sugar. Yet, only a few of them understand the maximum amount of sugar. To determine the maximum amount of sugar, it is important to know who is consuming it, children or adults because they have different amounts. Commonly, children around 2 – 6 years old are suggested to consume not more than 19 grams of sugar or equal to 4 tsp per day.  7 – 10 years old children are suggested to take not more than 24 grams of sugar or equal to 6 tsp per day. Meanwhile, adults shouldn’t consume more than 30 grams of sugar or 7 tsp per day. 

It is crucial to understand the maximum amount to consume sugar per day. Although it is sweet, the impact is really dangerous to our health, especially if we take too much sugar in the long term. The most common thing that happens when eating too much sugar is a cavity. Sugary foods that are left on the teeth cause bacteria in the mouth to grow faster and damage your teeth, making them more prone to cavities. Not only that, consuming too much sugar can cause more dangerous impacts such as diabetes and obesity.

All in all, consuming too much sugar is very harmful to our health in a long term. Moreover, eating too much sugar can cause serious diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Luckily, we can prevent the harmful impact of sugar by understanding the proper limits of consuming sugar per day.


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