Tempe is the World’s 4th Best Vegan Food

Fried tempe is one of Taste Atlas’ most delicious vegan foods. Out of 50 foods from around the world, fried tempeh ranks 4th. Indonesian cuisine has once again earned the title of “best”. This time, Taste Atlas recognized fried tempeh as one of the most delicious vegan dishes. Fried tempe ranks 4th after zeytoon eyton parvardeh (Iran), guacamole (Mexico), and Muhammara (Syria). 

The Taste Atlas page states that fried tempe is usually served as a snack and dipped in sambal. As a source of protein, tempe is cheap and easily available. 

Talking about the origin of tempe also means talking about the potential of soybeans in Indonesia. Culinary historian Fadly Rahman says that tempe is related to soybeans. Indeed, tempeh is a channel for the utilization of soybeans that are abundant in the archipelago. Soybeans entered Indonesia thanks to Chinese influence. In the past, the Chinese introduced yellow soybeans, even when the kingdoms of the archipelago were still victorious, soybeans could be traced through the Watukura inscription.

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Then soybean products in the form of tempe were mentioned by German botanist Gregorius Everhardus Rumphius who worked for the VOC. He said some foods gave rise to soy-based foods made by Javanese people, especially in Central Java.

On the other hand, tempe is not only a term that refers to a product, but also a process. Driando Ahnan Winarno, a food expert, said tempe can be used as the verb “menempe”. That is why tempe is not only made from soybeans. Other grains can also be made into tempe, and even edible flowers can be made into tempe.

source: cnn Indonesia

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