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Ten2Five Tells About Farewell And Mental Health in “Sirna”

Ten2Five comebacks with ‘Sirna’ in the pop genre and acoustic nuance after featuring Rafael Tan in “Salahkah Kita”.  Unlike the previous song, this time Ten2Five brings music made by Thomas Aquinas, drummer of Ten2Five. 

“Thomas created a song Sirna in Covid pandemic era, inspired from real life experience which is a farewell of his best friend,” Imela Kei explained.    

“Although this song is about farewell, the meaning of this song is a hope to strengthen one to the other in order to face every problem that happens in a relationship,” Thomas added. 

Moreover, with the mental health issue theme, Ten2Five influences its listeners to be more open with their society. “When having a problem, try to talk or consult with others. Don’t keep it to yourself, who knows it will burst out and hurt you,” Ardhy added.  

“In this song, Ten2Five works with 12 Wired as a digital label, but in terms of production such as recordings and other things are still from us. If we talk about hope in Sirna, we want this song to be accepted and liked by music lovers, and the most important is anyone who has a problem could face it,” said Arief.  


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