Thai Singer-songwriters Manica and Nanan release heartfelt duet ‘I’ll Be Right Here’ 

Bingkai Karya – Thai singer-songwriters Manica and Nanan have released their heartfelt duet ‘I’ll Be Right Here’, a sweet ballad that reflects their shared experiences of being in long-distance relationships with their significant others.

The song “I’ll be right here” was written from both perspectives of the artists and their relationships, and their feeling of wanting to be there for their significant others. While writing the song, both Manica and Nanan were experiencing the first period of a long distance relationship, and this is reflected in the lyrics, which resonate with how they are waiting for their partners to meet them  again in the near future.

I’ll Be Right Here’ is a blend of R&B melodic lines, pop-style lyrics, and city pop instrumentals. With a mix of vocal harmonies, electric piano, bounce bass line, real drums sound, and clean electric guitar, this song is perfect for the springtime chill playlist.

Manica is a versatile R&B, city pop, and bedroom pop artist from Thailand. She blends nostalgic tones with modern flair in her music. Drawing from diverse influences, her soulful melodies and introspective lyrics offer listeners a deep emotional experience. As a producer and singer-songwriter, she creates lush, evocative tracks that transcend genres and resonate globally. Through her heartfelt vocals, Manica takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, crafting music that inspires and uplifts audiences worldwide.


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