Top 10 Countries With Extreme Fuel Cost

Fuel has an essential role in human needs while the global fuel price has increased, affecting many countries to its local fuel price. Some countries even set fuel prices tremendously pricy. There are 10 countries that have the highest fuel price in the world. 

Singapore, Indonesia’s neighbour country has set a price of Rp32,742/L which is almost twice the price of Indonesia’s fuel. Meanwhile, most European countries are struggling with the high price of fuel, for example, Monaco with Rp33,256/L, the Central African Republic although it is not a European country still strives of the high price of fuel with Rp33,599/L.

Other European countries, such as Netherland at Rp34,799/L,  Denmark on Rp35,313, Greece at Rp35,656/L, Norwegia with Rp35,999/L, then Iceland reach the top 3 of the highest fuel price in the world with Rp36,856/L under Finland on the second position with Rp37,199/L. 

In the first position is Hong Kong with Rp41,800/L which is 3 times more expensive compared to Indonesia’s fuel price now, making Hong Kong having the most expensive fuel price in the world.        


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