About us

Bingkai Karya [PT. Bingkai Karya Nusantara] is a Creative Media based in Malang City, East Java established on May 23, 2018. Bingkai Karya is a media bringing the concept of Podcast Network and News Portal providing various programs. Bingkai Karya‘s Podcast Network serves educational, inspiring, and trending talkshows. Meanwhile, Bingkai Karya‘s News Portal presents the most updated news in Economy, Environment, Travel, until Entertainment written in English and publised on our Website and Social Media. 

Bingkai Karya‘s Podcast Network aims to bring a great impact on education, entertainment, and be close to the listeners. We want to always be consistent to deliver podcast contents every week and keep making new innvoations and channels in Podcast Media industry. 

Bingkai Karya also transforms to digital application field by launcing a learning application (Edu Tech) named “Pernahdengar”. “Pernahdengar” becomes one of the supporting educational platforms to enhance the quality of the human resource in education field and various companies in Indonesia, especially during the pandemic.