4 Trendy Asian Celebrity Dads, Check Their Style!

Fashion era is now developing into something which has nothing to do with age and gender. From baby to adult, women to men, fashion labels are now open for any age, making fashion more universal and diverse. (http://rxreviewz.com/)

That’s why, being a father does not mean you are not allowed to explore some fashions. In fact, these 4 Asian celebrity dads turn modern style to match their age. Gentlemen, pay attention to these slides! 

Cha Seung Won

Having a desire in fashion, this 52-years-old actor hits the fashion world with his style. Cha Seung Won started his career as a model and then became an actor starring in many popular K-dramas, such as “Bodyguard”, “the Greatest Love”, “A Korean Odyssey”, and “Our Blues”.

Cha Seung Won has received numerous fashion-related awards throughout his career, including Super Icon (Male) by Elle Style Awards, Asia Star Award at the 10th Asia Model Festival Awards, Best Dressed of the Year, and many more. 

Shah Rukh Khan

A Bollywood superstar, Shak Rukh Khan or SRK, surely sits on the list. We can see from his Instagram how SRK combines shirts with suits or jackets to be a “very-SRK” style.

Despite being a 57 year old dad, SRK still amazes us with his hairstyle and beard cut. SRK is known as one of the richest actors in the world with US$600 million of worth. 

Henry Golding

Who does not know Henry Golding? This 35 years old actor is known for starring in Crazy Rich Asian, a rom-com movie that earned US$238,5 million. For young fathers out there,  Henry’s style can be one of your fashion references to keep being gorgeous.


Getting known for starring in Full House, Rain has been everyone’s crush back then. This father of two slays the fashion with anything he wears, from shirts to hoodies.

Rain is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and actor. He also established an entertainment agency named R.A.I.N Company. Looking at Rain’s Instagram @rain_oppa, his style is suitable for boys and men.


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