A 121-Years-Old Chocolate Bar Was Auctioned For 150 Pounds!

A bar of chocolate made in 1902 is still completely whole after 121 years, and was auctioned. The chocolate was known as one of thousands of chocolate bars contributed to the British citizens in order to enliven the coronation of England’s former king, King Edward VII.

It is a tradition for the United Kingdom family to distribute chocolate bars, biscuits, or even a cake as a parcel from the monarchy. Usually, the parcel will be given on special occasions, such as coronation day or wedding parties of the royal family members. In this case, the chocolate bar auctioned was the chocolate bar distributed by the monarchy as a small celebration of the coronation day of King Edward VII.

The chocolate bar belongs to Mary Ann Blackmore. She got the chocolate bar when she was 9 years old. The chocolate was very precious to her, since chocolate was one of luxurious snacks at that time. So she kept the chocolate bar for the last 121 years.

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After being kept for more than a hundred years, one of Mary’s granddaughters, Jean Thompson, decided to give the chocolate bar to an auction house called Hansons Auctioneers, located in Derby. The auction price for the chocolate bar was estimated at around 100 pounds to 150 pounds.

Besides chocolate being a luxury snack, the packaging of the chocolate bar also explains its luxuryness as a snack at that time. The chocolate was packed in a tin with gold and red color, with a text: King Edward VII and Queen Alexandria. But after 121 years, there are several rust on the tin as it should be. (https://hippainhelp.com) And maybe, that’s where the value of the chocolate is.

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