A Unique Execution Of JF3 Fashion Show, Held In A Car Park Basement!

Indonesia’s fashion industry was made boisterous by the latest event of the JF3 Fashion Show that was held inside a car park basement. The event took place from July 5th to 19th in Summarecon Serpong Mall (SMS), Tangerang District. This event will show a bunch of fashion artwork of various Indonesian famous designers.

The event’s theme was ‘Power to Empower’ and it had two main sub-events, one of them was called Fashion Village, which involved about 84 local fashion businesses.

Besides where the fashion show event was held, there is another uniqueness of the event that attracts people to the show. They didn’t have any stage there for the models to catwalk. They just used a red carpet on the basement floor for the models to catwalk.

Although its unique execution of the fashion show, JF3 Fashion Show is considered to have its own market potential. JF3’s Chairman, Soegianto Nagaria, the aim of the JF3 Fashion Show is to encourage various parties to support the existence of the fashion industry in Indonesia.

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“Along with the global development of the fashion industry which continues to move forward after the pandemic, JF3 aims to encourage all parties to contribute and set aspirations for a new direction of Indonesia’s fashion industry, where will the Indonesian fashion industry directions be taken?” The Chairman explains to Akurat Banten.

Knowing the fashion industry demand in Serpong, Tangerang is considered high, Soegianto Nagaria believes that the JF3 Fashion Show will expand fashion’s market reach. That’s where the JF3 Fashion Show’s market potential point. The JF3 Fashion Show was held with the hope that it could help economic agents in the fashion and craft industry to make improvements together, not only for the sake of the event’s profit itself. (https://musclemx.com/)

“JF3 Fashion Show’s role is expected to grow significantly while encouraging the Indonesian fashion industry to be able to get into and compete in the global fashion industry,”

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