Asya Debuts Her Inspirational Single “Bahagiaku”

Indonesia welcomes a promising new talent to its music scene with the debut single “Bahagiaku” by Athaya Alysha, known as Asya. The 21-year-old artist, daughter of Edo Borne and Hesti Purwadinata, is making a striking entry into the world of music with a song that beautifully captures the essence of admiration and inspiration.

Asya’s debut single, “Bahagiaku,” narrates a story of profound admiration for someone who serves as a distant yet unattainable muse. The singer explained, “I created this song because there is someone who inspires me and makes me admire them, but I realize that this person is someone who is hard to reach.” In a delightful twist, she revealed, “That person is my bias in my favorite Korean boy band.”

Co-written by Asya and Genta Semeru, this heartfelt song was meticulously produced by L30 Musicworks, a collaborative effort led by Genta Semeru, Gama Ramadhani, and Giri Angga. It’s worth noting that “Bahagiaku” was three years in the making, a testament to the dedication and care put into its creation.

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In Asya’s own words, “I hope this song can relate to many people because the story I present in this song may be experienced by many people out there.” She initially conceptualized the single while being invited to a private TV show. “Bahagiaku” marks the beginning of Asya’s earnest pursuit of a music career, and she aims to deliver the very best music to satisfy the discerning tastes of Indonesian music enthusiasts, celebrating the works of local talent.

“Remediku,” Asya’s debut single, is now available on all major digital streaming platforms across Indonesia, inviting listeners to experience the captivating emotions and artistry of this young and talented artist.

This debut is a significant milestone in Asya’s career, and her future promises a bright and inspiring journey in the world of music. Keep an eye on Asya as she continues to share her passion and talent with the world.


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