Awdella Unveils Heartfelt Original ‘Tak Bisa Bilang’ in a Mesmerizing Pop Ballad

Bingkai Karya – Indonesia’s music scene continues to blossom with talent, and Awdella, a remarkable female musician hailing from East Java, has once again captured hearts with her latest original song, ‘Tak Bisa Bilang.’ The pop ballad, sung enchantingly by the artist known for the hit single ‘Tertawan Hati,’ delves into the complex emotions of being unable to express one’s feelings to a loved one. Released on November 24, 2023, the song has already made waves, thanks to Awdella’s melodious voice and the poignant lyrics that accompany it.

In a written press release, Awdella shared insights into the narrative behind ‘Tak Bisa Bilang.’ The song encapsulates the struggles of someone grappling with an inability to communicate their emotions to those they hold dear. Awdella highlights that the reasons for such silence can vary widely, ranging from embarrassment and unfavorable circumstances to the unfortunate reality of not being able to express feelings to someone who is no longer present. The depth of the storyline is intended to resonate with listeners on a personal level, drawing them into the emotional core of the song.

With a duration of 04:09 minutes, ‘Tak Bisa Bilang’ weaves together Awdella’s soulful vocals and the evocative lyrics. Awdella collaborated with LDR Production, who not only played a pivotal role as the producer but also contributed to shaping the depth of the narrative. The synergy between Awdella and LDR Production has resulted in a musical masterpiece that aims to strike a chord with audiences who appreciate heartfelt storytelling.

‘Tak Bisa Bilang’ is now available for streaming on all digital platforms in Indonesia. Awdella’s YouTube channel features the official music video, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the captivating visuals that complement the emotional depth of the song. As Awdella unveils this latest offering, she hopes that fans and music enthusiasts alike will appreciate the sincerity and vulnerability embedded in ‘Tak Bisa Bilang.’


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