Aziz Hedra Releases Debut EP “Lesson”: A Journey Through Love and Loss

Bingkai Karya – Indonesian artist Aziz Hedra is embarking on a new chapter in his musical career with the release of his debut EP, “Lesson.” This five-song collection, available on streaming platforms starting March 8, 2024, explores the complexities of love and the lessons learned from heartbreak, confusion, and sadness.

“Lesson” combines three previously released singles – “Somebody’s Pleasure,” “No More You & I,” and “Issa Goodbye” – with two brand new tracks.  The unifying theme is one of navigating the challenges of love, ultimately finding strength and resilience in the process.

“The title ‘Lesson’ reflects the idea that everyone experiences challenges in their lives,” says Aziz. “These experiences serve as lessons that help us grow and become better versions of ourselves.”

The creation of the EP was a collaborative effort between Aziz and Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia. Taking roughly a year from the release of the first single, “Somebody’s Pleasure” in January 2023, the team focused on crafting a cohesive sound that would seamlessly transition into a full album.

One of the new songs, “Devastated,” delves into the lingering pain of holding onto a lost love or friendship.  “The song is not just about romantic relationships,” explains Aziz, “but also the ache of losing close friends due to life’s circumstances.”

Aziz acknowledges the challenge of expressing deep emotions through music, but assures listeners that he poured his heart into “Devastated” in hopes of resonating with those who share similar experiences.

Beyond the release, Aziz is eager to promote the EP and connect with fans.  His wish is for the music to provide comfort and a sense of shared experience, while ultimately encouraging listeners to find strength and move forward.

“Lesson” marks a promising debut for Aziz Hedra. With its exploration of universal themes and heartfelt delivery, this EP is sure to resonate with listeners seeking solace and inspiration.

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