Beef Prices Soaring in Indonesia Due to Late Import Permits

Bingkai Karya – Indonesian beef prices are currently high due to the late issuance of import permits by the Trade Ministry, according to the Indonesian Meat Importers Association (Aspidi). Secretary-General Suhandri said the short notice between permit issuance and Ramadan has limited available stock.

Data from the National Food Agency (Bapanas) shows the price of beef from producers is Rp52,220 per kilogram, while the national retail price is Rp135,740.

There is currently about 7,000 tons of available stock of imported meat, with an additional 15,000 tons in transit. However, Suhandri admits the uncertainty of stock from imported feeder cattle, which require a 120-day holding period before slaughter.

The government issued import licenses for feeder cattle and beef in February 2024, with a total quota of 145,251 tons. Despite this, Bapanas claims beef stocks are sufficient ahead of Ramadan. Director Maino Dwi Hartono acknowledges high purchasing power but maintains there’s no nationwide price issue due to the delays.

Source: Tempo

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