Ben Abraham Releases His Version of the Iconic 70s Song, “Kidung”

Ben Abraham

Bingkai Karya-One of the most iconic songs in the Indonesian music catalog of all times, “Kidung”, gets a new life. Singer and songwriter Ben Abraham, who is the son of the two singers of the original version of the song, Dianne Manusama and Bram Manusama, released his version of “Kidung” featuring his parents.

The release of Ben’s version of “Kidung” is a sacred moment for this Indonesian-Australian singer and his family, especially his parents who were members of the popular music unit Pahama in the late 70s. “This song has always been a part of our family’s journey. We have photo albums that contain photos of when my parents were still in Pahama and news clippings about them singing at many music festivals across Indonesia in the 70s. That’s how I know how much this song means to me,” says Ben. 

Exploring His Indonesian Roots

However, he didn’t fully understand the significance of “Kidung” in the history of Indonesian music until recently. Ben had lived his entire life in environments where white culture predominated. Therefore, the single’s release marked a significant turning point in his life. Ben had a strong desire to explore his Indonesian heritage further as he grew older.

Meanwhile, Bram Manusama is full of joy for the release of his son’s version of “Kidung”. “There’s something very simple about ‘Kidung’ and Ben’s version makes the song very epic. It feels like history repeating itself,” said Bram.

The song “Kidung” was written by Chris Manusama, who is also Ben’s uncle. The 1978 Teen Songwriting Competition held by Prambors was the moment of the song’s birth. In 2009, Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine placed “Kidung” at number 26 in the list of 150 Best Indonesian Songs.

For Dianne, she continues to feel gratitude even though 46 years have passed since the first “Kidung” was performed. It all started when Ben and his parents uploaded a video of the three of them singing “Kidung” on TikTok in February 2024. The video went viral and has been viewed more than 3 million times and received more than 317 thousand likes.

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