Blossoming Resonance: Salma Salsabil’s Vibrant Journey with ‘Bunga Hati

Blossoming Resonance: Salma Salsabil’s Vibrant Journey with ‘Bunga Hati

Bingkai Karya – Emerging vocalist Salma Salsabil has unveiled her latest track, “Bunga Hati,” marking her second release with the Universal Music Indonesia label. Salma Salsabil has gained considerable attention due to her exceptional talent, with her career taking flight after winning the 12th season of the Indonesian Idol competition and subsequently releasing her debut single, “Appreciating the Word of Rindu,” in May 2023.

In collaboration with accomplished songwriter Clara Riva and producer S/EEK, Salma explores the theme of rekindled love in “Bunga Hati.” The song narrates the tale of a woman who, after a prolonged separation from someone she admires, reunites with them only to discover that the sentiments are not reciprocated.

Despite the theme of disappointment, “Bunga Hati” is presented in an upbeat pop music arrangement with a touch of R&B, showcasing Salma’s musical versatility and style. Interestingly, the song was initially conceived as a ballad but evolved into an energetic composition that complements Salma’s vocal prowess.

The music video teaser for “Bunga Hati” quickly climbed to the second position on the Indonesian YouTube trending list within 24 hours of its upload, illustrating the fervor among fans for Salma’s latest release.

The song not only provides a lively response to feelings of letdown but also showcases Salma Salsabil’s vocal finesse, making it a delightful listening experience. The accompanying music video, directed by Luthfi Dani K and produced by Mella D. Purnama, aligns with the vibrant and colorful theme of the music, featuring a retro aesthetic and playful scenes with Salma and her friends.

Salma Salsabil expressed her desire for the song to resonate with a wider audience and serve as a comforting anthem for those undergoing similar emotions. She encourages fans to explore the track on various digital music platforms, emphasizing its enduring appeal and quality. “Bunga Hati” promises to be a captivating addition to any daily playlist, offering a consistently enjoyable experience for music enthusiasts.


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