BMKG Invites Public Contribution to Enduring Climate Change

BMKG also inaugurated the Greenhouse Gas Tower (GHG) at the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) Station on Bukit Kototabang, West Sumatra on the 73rd HMD anniversary . 

The 100-meter-high tower is equipped with meteorological sensors which function to monitor 3 altitude points, namely 30 meters, 70 meters and 100 meters respectively.

Greenhouse Gas Monitoring from the tower will provide an overview of the GHG profile at different heights and is a form of Indonesia’s contribution in general and BMKG in particular in the IG3IS program.

The Head of Center for Applied Climate Information Services, Ardhasena Sopaheluwakan, explained that IG3IS itself was launched by WMO in 2018 to provide a comprehensive profile of GHG trends in climate change mitigation efforts. 

This increase in GHG monitoring capacity through IG3IS will be used further in developing modeling for GHG emissions as complementary information for the national GHG inventory, especially for estimating global stocktake which achieves one of the targets of the Paris Agreement in 2030.

Dwikorita Karnawati, Head of BMKG, said that due to climate change, natural disasters, especially droughts and floods, are becoming more frequent. The latest is the landslide disaster that occurred in Natuna which resulted in dozens of deaths. 

She argued, “Climate change is an issue that must be paid attention to because it has major impacts and risks, especially on the survival of living things and future generations. Therefore, concrete actions to control climate change are needed from all levels of society.”

If this situation continues, Indonesia will be more frequently hit by extreme weather and disasters which will not only cause material losses but also fatalities.

To gather support and cooperation from the community, BMKG created hashtags on social media, which are: #HariMeteorologiDunia73 #AyoKenaliCuaca #GenerasiPeduliIklim #AirUntukMasaDepan

Mitigation and adaptation are shared affairs and responsibilities. Therefore, BMKG invites all Indonesian people to work together to contribute to curbing the fast pace of global warming and climate change. 

Source: (press-release)

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