Caldera With Her Warm and Sweet Story in ‘Semestinya’

Caldera welcomes and captivates her listeners with the simplicity and friendliness through her newest song: ‘Semestinya‘. This is a song that says a lot, without saying much. This song lets the listener go in, swim through it, and sit back, holding hands from start to finish. 

For Caldera, this song takes her back to her origins and childhood. “I remember that my father always played music at home. The strings always reminded me at home. Everything is very simple, but still there,” she said. 

Caldera said that the song ‘Semestinya’ is a spontaneous work. She said, “When I think about loss and long lost love, I think it’s a process that you can’t escape. You’ll find a piece of yourself at the end of every story, and in the end, it doesn’t matter who hurt you the most, we still have to get through it. It will pass.” ‘Semestinya’ is a song about letting go, and how it might be the hardest thing anyone can ever do, but in the end, it’s lived for the best.”

On this latest song, Caldera collaborates with Bilal Indrajaya. Caldera said that she had been a fan of Bilal for a long time. They met at a recording session for another project and it was there that Caldera offered to collaborate and was approved by Bilal.

This song was produced by Heston Prasetyo. He said that he was happy working on this song because the experience was very exciting, where this song uses old instruments. Heston said, “The microphones we used were rusty, and would not be used for recordings generally because it is not up to standard. But for this song, it makes perfect sense to go with it. The instrument even takes you back to a certain time.” 

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