Cambodia Becomes the First Country to host ‘free’ SEA Games

The 32nd Southeast Asian Games’ organizing committees in Cambodia unexpectedly decided to forgo the USD 50 per day meal and lodging cost. Previously, each member of the sports delegations from participating countries at both events are charged for their meal and accommodations. This decision was made during a special meeting on April 18 led by Prime Minister Hun Sen, and attended by the Ministers of National Defence and Tourism.

According to Vath Chamrouen, the secretary-general of CAMSOC-CAMAPGOC, the decision to waive the fee for meals and accommodations is unusual as no other country that has hosted these biennial multi-sports events has ever done so before. The information about the fee waiver will be communicated to the sports delegates by representatives of CAMSOC-CAMAPGOC who are managing their visits and accommodations.

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Hun Sen has also made another announcement, stating that the sale of live broadcast rights to all TV stations, both domestic and international, has been terminated. This means that the stations can choose to air the events without any charge. Moreover, it was also revealed that there will be no fees for entry to the opening and closing ceremonies of both the SEA Games and Para Games, as well as for all sporting events to all members of the public, whether Cambodian or foreign visitors, will have free access to these events.

With these policies in place, Cambodia has become the first country to host the games without any attempts to monetise the events through the typical avenues used by sports such as tickets or broadcast rights. This will be the Kingdom’s first time hosting these events, something many felt was a long-awaited honor given the SEA Games 64-year history.

Source : AsiaNewsNetwork

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