Cardigan Mix & Match Tips for the Office

Cardigans have a more durable material than other types of outerwear, making them suitable for use when going to the office. Besides being fashionable, we can also avoid the cold of the office room. Cardigans can also be used as an alternative outerwear to keep your style cool. In order not to get bored with the same outfit, why not try combining it with outerwear? 

  1. Rely on Purple Cardigan as Outerwear 

Looking formal at work is a given. Pair a gray midi-dress with a purple cardigan. Finish the look with neutral wedges or heels and sunglasses. In addition to going to the office, this look is perfect for those of you who are attending meetings outside the office.

  1.  An All-Black Outfit Sweetened With a Statement Cardigan

Don’t worry, you can wear an all-black suit for office wear this week. Use a blouse and pants as an outfit or replace your regular pants with wide-leg pants that are more formal. Add a black cardigan with a touch of white as outerwear to match your other fashion items.

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  1. Classic White Cardigan

If you have an appointment for a meeting with a client, then looking extra formal is necessary. Add a classic touch with a white dress and cardigan. Add accessories like a headband, sunglasses, and elegant earrings for a simple yet formal look.

  1. Casual and Formal with Basic Cardigan

With a basic black cardigan, it is also possible to look casual. Pair it with a white sleeveless top and satin palazzo trousers or a pencil skirt for a more formal look. To look more professional, you can also use elegantly designed accessories such as gold necklaces or earrings. 

  1. Vibrant Colored Cardigan

Don’t hesitate to use a vibrantly colored cardigan. Besides looking attractive, cardigans with bright colors can make us more excited to go to the office. Choose bright colors like orange, yellow, or red and pair it with a turtleneck tee and high-waist pants.

We need comfortable clothes at work because we spend most of our time in the office. A basic blouse, trousers, or skirt is often the template for daily work attire. Wearing such clothes all the time is boring. On the other hand, we need inspiration where the spirit or idea can come from the clothes we wear. As explained above, those are some mix & match cardigan tips that you can try for your outfit to the office.


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