Celebrating No Makeup Day April 26, Here Are the Facts

No Makeup Day is observed every year on April 26 by women around the world. Women are encouraged to go bare-faced for one day to appreciate their natural beauty. Celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Lady Gaga, and Alicia Keys have all supported the no-makeup trend, stating that she “doesn’t want to hide anymore” and has been makeup-free since 2016.

This unique, no makeup day was invented on April 25, 2015, and became a social media sensation in 2017. Over 13 million Instagram posts have used the #NoMakeup hashtag, with many of them coming from influencers and celebrities with thousands of impressionable followers.

One of the central ideas behind the No Makeup Day movement is that it shows ‘real’ beauty, although for some, this is easier to achieve with makeup than without. Embrace the version of yourself that makes you feel most free, whether you wear makeup or not.

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The history of makeup dates as way back as 6000 BCE, starting with the egyptians. They believed makeup was next to godliness and that makeup appealed to gods. Throughout history, makeup has been used as a way to appear more attractive, whether it be man or woman.

Nowadays, makeup is being promoted to everyone of every race, gender, and class through social media. Makeup has turned into whatever anyone wants it to be. Hence people are enraged and the no makeup day was borned.

People celebrate no makeup day because of several reasons. Most of them do it for the sake of self-love. Their main goal of National No Makeup Day is to show their true selves. On this day, they can celebrate being completely honest and sincere about all aspects of life, beginning with their natural attractiveness.

Source : NationalToday

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