China Aid Developing Nations In Climate Change

China is preparing to send assistance to 3 developing countries to enhance their capacity in dealing with the effects of climate change. The giant nation took this action to carry out its strategy of strengthening South-South Cooperation in addressing climate change.

China plans to supply Kiribati, a Pacific island nation, with 5,000 sets of solar power generation systems for households and 300 metric tons of cement for seawall construction. Additionally, China will provide Botswana with a mobile ground system capable of receiving and processing data from satellites.

The system will provide assistance to African countries in monitoring the environment, increasing agricultural production, and preventing extreme weather disasters. Not only that, Costa Rica will receive 6 electric buses to support their efforts towards a greener, low-carbon transition in the transportation sector.

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The ministry stated that the production of aids for the three programs has been finished and it will be shipped shortly. China has consistently made efforts, within its capacity, to assist other developing countries in building their capabilities to address climate change.

To date, China has reached 45 agreements on climate cooperation with 38 developing countries. It has also offered training programs to some 2,300 officials and technicians working in climate-related positions in over 120 developing nations.

Source : Asia News Network

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