China Lifts The Mask Mandatory In Schools And Campuses

China government lift the mask mandatory in schools. Students and academic staff in general are the main targets of the regulation in the past. They don’t need to wear masks during the whole school hours after the new academic year. 

The Ministry of Education, National Health Commission, and National Agency for Control and Prevention of Communicable Diseases stated it during the press conference. But after three years of wearing masks, the regulation might be applied gradually

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The three institutions recommend that students and academic staff use masks. This is taking the consideration of their own health. China’s residents welcomed the regulation with open arms. China netizens, in the majority, has the most positive reactions.

A hashtag about this new mandatory has peaked at up to 27 million Weibo user. In addition, more than 300 million academic staff, especially teachers has returned to school activities. The activities started in February after China New Year.

Hong Kong and Macau earlier have already lifted the mask mandatory. The regulation is finally approved after three-long-years of COVID-19. It also acts as a sign of hope that the pandemic is finally over.

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