Dee Lestari Shows Human’s Fragile Side in “Berduka”

Dee Lestari released her new single entitled “Berduka” under Trinity Optima Production. Dee Lestari wrote Berdukavery quickly and smoothly in just one day and it happened right away. The song was completed on 21 July 2022, four days before Dee Lestari’ husband, Reza Gunawan, fell ill.

Berdukaexpresses feelings when humans are fragile and want to surrender completely to sadness. This song is an experience that everyone goes through universally, a moment when those who grieve are expected to be strong and steadfast. Dee Lestari feels that all humans will encounter this stage eventually. Therefore, she created Berduka” to appreciate the phases of grief, as well as the process of healing humans from grief itself.

The music video for “Berduka” was directed by Prialangga and comes in a black & white concept. The figure of Dee Lestari is shown entering into a house with many people in it, ranging from small children to the elderly, with their respective activities.Dee Lestari hopes that “Berduka” can help the healing process of those who are being hit by grief until they return strong and resilient. “Grief is everyone’s experience. I wish this song could be friends while they’re there. Hopefully, the song “Berduka” can voice what is difficult to express when grief hits,” said the author of the book “Rapijali”.


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