Envy* Tells the Confusing Path of Life through “No Direction”

ENVY* are back with their new single “No Direction”. Their new single is a new addition for their latest album MR. (https://musclemx.com/) MARIPOSA. “No Direction” hints on how the members of the group are lost in the real world.  Where they have no sense of direction in life and ENVY* tried to convey those feelings.

Furthermore, the song is delivered in a fast tone hinting that the group needs to find an escape route quickly or they will fall into a rabbit hole that they can’t escape from. This aspect is delivered sound wise as they approach a more experimental sound.

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“No Direction” also provides a sense of reality of life in Jakarta as everything is fast paced and that if you slow down you will get behind. In Jakarta, the hustle culture is real, which creates a natural adrenaline rush in your system.

ENVY* (an abbreviation for Expect Nothing, Valid Yesterday*) is a self proclaimed hip hop akin to a heavy-808 futuristic punk band formed in South Jakarta, Indonesia in 2018. ENVY* consists of six rappers: Isiah, Hazy Dael, Fat B, Kid Quest, Anima, and Quest.

Currently, ENVY*’s new single “No Direction” can already be listened to on all digital streaming platforms.

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