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Exploring Mental Health Through Indonesian Cinema: 4 Must-Watch Indonesian Movies

World Mental Health Day was celebrated on October 10th, offering a chance to delve into Indonesian films that address mental health issues. Here are four Indonesian movies centered around this important theme.

  1. 27 Steps of May (2019)

“27 Steps of May” narrates about May’s mental health struggles. May had a traumatic experience during her junior high school years, resulting in severe trauma. She continued to isolate herself at home until she eventually met someone through a hole in her room.

  1. Posesif (2017)

“Posesif” is a film that explores a toxic high school romance between Lala and Yudhis. The movie highlights the damaging effects of Yudhis’ possessiveness, even leading to harm to Lala’s friends. The movie imparts valuable lessons and insights regarding mental health while featuring renowned actors such as Putri Marino, Adipati Dolken, and Chicco Kurniawan.

  1. Kukira Kau Rumah (2022)

“Kukira Kau Rumah” delves into mental health, depicting the life of Niskala, who grapples with a dual personality or bipolar disorder. Niskala’s life undergoes a significant transformation when she crosses paths with Pram, an isolated man.

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  1. Baby Blues (2021)

A mental health concern that deserves attention is “baby blues”, explored in the film “Baby Blues,” featuring Vino G Bastian and Aurelie Moeremans. The movie depicts the life of a couple who have recently become parents, with the mother, Dina, experiencing the challenges of baby blues syndrome, a postpartum condition affecting mothers.


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