Fadhilah Intan Releases Revamped Version of “Dealova” for the Upcoming Movie “Dealova 2”

Bingkai KaryaFadhilah Intan is involved in filling the soundtrack for the movie “Dealova 2” in February 2024. This time, Fadhilah has the opportunity to recycle the legendary song popularized by Once. The song was originally created by Opick. According to Opick, the song “Dealova” has a broad meaning. Dealova represents universal love, be it love for Allah, the Prophet Muhammad, a lover, fellow human beings, goodness, life, and many other broad meanings.

The movie “Dealova 2” itself is a remake of the 2005 movie “Dealova,” which was also adapted from a popular Indonesian novel. “Dealova 2” is revived with a new story, nuance, and touch. The movie itself highlights the dreams, struggles, and lives of teenagers.

The recycled song “Dealova” becomes Fadhilah’s first single after her popular song “Dawai,” which also became a soundtrack for a movie. Fadhilah personally selected the arrangement and the orchestra team to accompany her in performing this legendary song. Not only does the movie bring a new nuance, but the song “Dealova” also carries a new arrangement that is expected to bring new colors and nuances to the song.

“This was a very sudden project, we only had a week to make a fresh arrangement, mixing, and so on. Luckily, even with the limited time, we got a really good team. Hopefully the result will be good too and hopefully it can bring a new and fresh atmosphere to music listeners in Indonesia,” said Fadhilah.

Fadhilah’s version of the song “Dealova” will be released via a press conference before the Gala Premiere of the movie “Dealova 2” on February 16, 2024. The music video will also be released at the same time. The song “Dealova” will also be performed at every movie promotion in several cities in Indonesia, including at special screening events, meet and greets, and media visits that will be conducted by the “Dealova 2” movie team.


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