Fatin Affirms Her New Era in the Indonesian Music Industry with “Jangan Tersesat, Sayang”

Bingkai KaryaFatin, the 27-year-old Indonesian music sensation, has consistently evolved in her musical journey, marking a distinct era in the industry. Beginning with the release of “Ingin Bertemu Lagi” in January 2022, she continued her musical manifestation with singles like the collaboration “Bukan Kamu” with Ghea Indrawari and the solo piece “Menjelang Pagi.”

As 2023 draws to a close, Fatin presents her latest masterpiece, “Jangan Tersesat, Sayang.” Collaborating with seasoned songwriter and music producer duo Biancadimas, composed of Bianca Nelwan and Dimas Wibisana, the track is a 4-minute and 15-second pop ballad that encapsulates the essence of love and virtue.

Reflecting on her decade-long journey since winning X Factor Indonesia in 2012, Fatin expresses her gratitude and recognition for her past creations, notably acknowledging earlier works like “Jingga” and “Dia Dia Dia.” With her debut album “For You” released on November 11, 2013, Fatin notes that despite her extensive career, she remains aware of the vast journey ahead.

“Jangan Tersesat, Sayang” becomes a rhapsody summarizing Fatin’s entire musical odyssey, showcasing her growth since impacting the Indonesian music scene. The song’s lyrics subtly pay homage to her previous works while emphasizing the importance of recognizing one’s path in life.

The emotional core of “Jangan Tersesat, Sayang” revolves around the concept of life’s journey. Although initially perceived as a plea to a distant lover, Fatin reveals a deeper meaning—the separation of our hearts and souls from our true selves amid life’s chaos and challenges.

Fatin explains, “Life has taught me that sometimes, the busyness and exhaustion we face can make our hearts and souls feel ‘far’ from ourselves. ‘Jangan Tersesat, Sayang’ serves as a warm reminder for me—and everyone listening—that, regardless of our life’s journey, we must not let fatigue and weariness lead us astray.”

Notably, the song marks several ‘firsts’ for Fatin—her first focus on self-love, collaboration with Biancadimas, and a ‘flexible’ approach to composition. She believes that listeners can resonate with the emotions conveyed in the song, regardless of where they currently stand in their life journey.

Kamga Mo, serving as the vocal producer, praises Fatin’s professionalism, acknowledging her unique vocal texture and tempo. “Fatin knows exactly how to enhance a song. As a vocal producer, I have no complaints about Fatin’s performance,” says Kamga Mo.

As the brains behind “Jangan Tersesat, Sayang,” Biancadimas affirms that Fatin is the perfect artist to breathe life into their latest creation. “Our main focus as song producers was to ensure that the production and musical arrangement don’t distract listeners from Fatin’s distinctive vocals,” they commend.

Released under Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia, “Jangan Tersesat, Sayang” is available on all digital streaming platforms since November 30, 2023. Fatin’s latest work stands as a testament to her artistry, solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the Indonesian music landscape.


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