GAC Trio Lights Up Jakarta Nights with New Single “The Way You Move”

Bingkai Karya – Trio Gamaliél Audrey Cantika, popularly known as GAC, recently dropped their latest single, “The Way You Move,” on December 8th. Not content with just releasing the track, the talented trio quickly followed up with a vibrant and visually stunning music video, directed by Gamaliél himself. The video, released on their official YouTube channel last Friday (15/12), not only showcases the dynamic and lively side of the group but also captures the essence of the song’s sparkling dance floor atmosphere.

In an effort to bring the dance floor vibes to life, Gamaliél expands the video’s perspective from the dance floor to the nighttime landscape of the capital city. The video starts with Abigail Cantika eagerly awaiting the arrival of her fellow band members, setting the stage for a night of excitement and fun. As the trio walks and dances through the streets of Jakarta, the sparkling city lights mirror the infectious energy of their togetherness.

Gamaliél, known for his creative direction in previous GAC music videos, prioritizes the dynamic and fun side of each member through interesting clothing choices. The trio’s wardrobe reflects their vibrant personalities, adding an extra layer of enthusiasm to the visuals. In terms of choreography, Gamaliél collaborates with Chemmy to ensure that the dance moves perfectly match the soul of “The Way You Move.”

The music video concludes with the trio taking the stage, creating an even more lively atmosphere. GAC invites viewers to join in the celebration, dancing along to the infectious beats of “The Way You Move.” The closing scene captures the essence of the trio’s live performances, showcasing their passion for connecting with the audience through music and dance.

“The Way You Move” serves as GAC’s festive farewell to 2023, capping off a year that began with their highly anticipated comeback. The trio, not one to rest on their laurels, has teased something special for their fans in 2024. With a track record of delivering memorable music and visually captivating experiences, GAC continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the Indonesian music scene.

In conclusion, GAC’s “The Way You Move” music video is a testament to their commitment to delivering both exceptional music and visually stunning content. As the trio bids farewell to 2023, fans can eagerly anticipate what exciting surprises GAC has in store for them in the coming year.


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