Get to Know More about National Doctor’s Day 2022

National Doctor’s Day is celebrated every October 24. This year’s commemoration is the 72nd National Doctor’s Day. The theme for 2022 National Doctors Day is “Berbakti untuk Negeri Mengabdi untuk Rakyat”. 

“Berbakti Untuk Negeri” means that IDI continues to work from time to time for the development of Indonesian health. This is a form of dharma filial piety for IDI members as individuals and as an organization to serve the country. Meanwhile, “Mengabdi Untuk Rakyat” means that health development must be able to answer public health problems which are certainly not the same in every region of Indonesia.

National Doctor’s Day was set on October 24 because it coincided with the establishment of the IDI organization on October 24, 1950 as a medical professional organization led and consisting of only Indonesian doctors and no more foreign (Dutch) doctors. IDI as a medical professional organization has been recognized based on Law no. 29 of 2004 concerning Medical Practice.

National Doctor’s Day is proof that the medical profession is a noble profession as well as a means for professional groups to maintain a noble tradition by not falling into moral brutality.


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