Glass vs Plastic, Which One is More Eco Friendly?

Glass and plastic are 2 materials that are used in everyday life for everything, starting from preserving food to carrying the signals that make the internet work. One of the reasons glass is used everyday is because it is considered safer for the environment because it can be recycled without limit, without reducing its quality, durability and purity. It can be crushed into cullets and melted down to make new one.

Glass has a recycling percentage of approximately 76%. This figure is far above the percentage of plastic and wood recycling. This figure also indicates that glass has a smaller possibility of pollution than plastic and is non-toxic. Besides that, it is also resistant to heat and does not spoil the taste of the drink.

However, the downside of glass is that it is a material that breaks easily and can pose a safety hazard if it is not treated properly when recycled. Also, its production requires a large amount of energy in the manufacturing and transportation processes because recycled one must also be melted down twice.

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There is no doubt that glass plays an important role in many industries. Its durability and non-toxic properties make it ideal for foods and materials that need to be preserved. However, the notion that it is sustainable just because it is infinitely recyclable is wrong.

Considering its entire cycle, the production of glass is probably as damaging to the environment as plastic. Therefore, when you want to throw away glass bottles, maybe you can consider reusing them because it is a tough and durable material, which is not made to be thrown away after only one use.



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