Grand Mercure Malang Mirama Hotel Successfully Celebrated 1st Anniversary with the Concept of “The Ancient of Malang”

Grand Mercure Malang Mirama celebrated the 1st Anniversary of which was held in early October 2022 for approximately 2 weeks. Grand Mercure Malang Mirama carried the concept of “The Ancient of Malang” and it was successfully held with a spectacular celebration from the “heartists” (GM employees) of Grand Mercure Malang Mirama.

This event was attended by the Owners, Stakeholders to Accor Hotels in East Java, as well as several related parties who were invited to attend the event. The invited guests were presented with the opening of a travel bumper video from PT. Mirama Wisata is in the process of building Grand Mercure Malang Mirama until it is standing today, followed by some spectacular performances from the internal Grand Mercure Malang Mirama.

In this event, there was also an appreciation session for the employees by giving several awards for supporting the hotel from the start of the hotel. The event was also a presentation of a new program from Grand Mercure Malang Mirama, namely the awarding of 3 foster children who will later receive educational scholarships from Grand Mercure Malang Mirama until they graduate from high school.

“Of course we also thank the owners of this hotel’s stakeholders who attended the event, including the commissioners, president directors, directors and their families as well as companies under the holding, Trimurti is also present at this time. We also invite the families of employees to join in celebrating the peak of this event, as evidence of the role of the family in supporting their families who work here and telling the families how Grand Mercure atmosphere is from the inside. Hopefully this will spark a new spirit in the second year, thank you,” said Sugito Adhi. (


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