Heartfelt Crooner Devin Kennedy Releases “Falling for You”: A Song Painted by the Heart

Bingkai Karya – Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Devin Kennedy is taking the music world by storm. With hundreds of millions of Spotify streams and a dedicated fanbase of 2 million monthly listeners, Kennedy is a rising force in R&B Pop.

His latest single, “Falling for You,” is a testament to his raw talent and emotional depth.  Through lyrics like “Falling for you/Seasons they change/But I never do,” Kennedy pours his heart out, offering a glimpse into his genuine self. This honesty resonates deeply with listeners, showcasing the authenticity he brings to his music.

“Falling for You” expresses the feeling of complete infatuation, capturing the magic of being swept off your feet by someone special.  Kennedy describes it as “living in a masterpiece painted by the heart.”

Kennedy’s musical tapestry is a unique blend of pop, alternative, and R&B. A Berklee College of Music graduate, he infuses his life experiences into his music, creating a relatable and intimate connection with his audience. This vulnerability has earned him praise from Live Nation’s Ones to Watch, Vevo, iHeartRadio, MTV, and American Songwriter, to name a few.

Following a breakout 2023, Kennedy’s accomplishments include a North American tour and the release of his debut album, “California Rain.” The year culminated with a collaboration featuring R&B superstar Pink Sweat$ on the track “Forget About You.”

Kennedy’s music has become the soundtrack of countless viral moments, appearing on TikTok and social media for celebrities like Charli D’Amelio, LeBron James, and brands like the NFL and Toyota.

He enjoys a particularly strong fan base in Southeast Asia, with listeners in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia streaming his music in high numbers. Top cities include Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Quezon City, and Singapore.

With new music and live performances on the horizon in 2024, Devin Kennedy is an artist to watch. Stay tuned for more from this rising star!

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