How to Check Official Umrah Travel, Don’t Be Tricked by Fake Travel Agents!

Checking official umrah travel is a must for those muslim must have the desire to perform the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages to Mecca. To perform the Hajj, one must follow the government’s quotas and criteria. Different from Hajj, performing Umrah is more flexible at any time.

If you want to perform Umrah, don’t forget to check the validity of an Umrah travel agent. This is to anticipate cases of Umrah travel fraud, which has recently increased. The Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) has published a page at where you can check for trustworthy official Umrah travel agents. 

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People who plan to do the Umrah can check on the internet to see if the travel agency they choose has a license from the Ministry of Religion. There are currently 2,036 officially Umrah Pilgrimage Organizers (PPIU) with the Ministry of Religion. The following are the methods to find umrah planners or authorized umrah travel companies through the Ministry of Religion.

How to Check Official Umrah Travel

  1. Go to to access the page. 
  2. Choose PPIU from the menu. 
  3. Enter your search terms, which can be director names, SK numbers, PPIU names, or addresses. 
  4. Next, select Search PPIU. If the data supplied is accurate and the registered PPIU names with the Ministry of Religion.

Source: batam.tribunnews

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