Indonesia Sees Strong Foreign Investment in Mid-January with IDR 7.66 Trillion Inflow

Bingkai Karya – Foreign investors poured IDR 7.66 trillion into Indonesia’s financial markets from January 15th to 18th, showing confidence in the economy. This net inflow was spread across government bonds, stocks, and central bank securities.

Erwin Haryono of Bank Indonesia (BI) highlighted the breakdown: IDR 5.52 trillion in bonds, IDR 0.65 trillion in stocks, and IDR 1.50 trillion in securities. Since the year began, total foreign investments have reached IDR 5.72 trillion in bonds, IDR 9.83 trillion in stocks, and IDR 13.67 trillion in securities.

However, the investment risk premium rose slightly to 74.28 basis points compared to 72.05 a week earlier. The rupiah opened Friday slightly stronger at IDR 15,605 per US dollar, while Indonesian government bond yields dipped to 6.64%, contrasting with rising US Treasury yields.

BI remains committed to collaboration with the government and other authorities, along with implementing “policy mix strategies” to ensure macroeconomic and financial stability, ultimately supporting continued economic recovery.

Source: Tempo


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