Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Recorded IPO Company Growth Highest in the World

President Director of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), Iman Rachman, stated that the growth of newly public companies on the Indonesian capital market until May 2023 was the highest in the world. Iman explained that new public companies on the IDX had increased by 4.7% year to date (ytd) to 40 public companies as of May 2023.

Iman explained that as of May 2023, which has yet to be counted for half a year, the number of newly registered companies has reached 40. New companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange grew by 4.7%.

Moreover, Iman also gives examples of new public companies for non-ASEAN countries. New public companies on the Japanese stock exchange only grew 0.28% (ytd), the Shenzhen Stock Exchange grew 1.6% (ytd), and the Nasdaq United States (US) decreased by 2.9%. Furthermore, newly public companies on the stock exchanges of ASEAN countries are some examples, the Thai stock market grew 1.4% (ytd), and the Malaysian stock market grew 0.9% (ytd).

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Iman said that Indonesia has the largest and most recorded growth of new companies until May 2023. Last year the IDX recorded a target of 59 companies. This year the target is 57 companies, and currently, there are more than 40 companies.

Regarding the number of public companies, the World Federation of Exchange notes that IDX is second among other ASEAN countries after the Malaysian stock exchange. The Malaysian stock exchange alone recorded 864 companies as of May 2023.

During 2022, 59 companies had raised funds in the capital market through an Initial Public Offering (IPO), more than the previous year when there were 54 companies. The IPO value throughout 2022 is IDR 31.1 trillion, so IDX listed 825 companies by the end of 2022

Source: Republika

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