Japan Considers to Launch “Digital Nomad” Visa

Japan is considering introducing a special visa called a digital nomad that works remotely while traveling around the world. Digital nomads are typically involved in work that uses digital devices and can be done anywhere, such as website design and software development.

With an increasing number of countries in Europe and elsewhere having launched digital nomad visas, the Japanese government hopes to increase consumption of foreign visitors to Japan by creating a comfortable environment where highly skilled workers can live in Japan.

According to data collected overseas, there are around 35 million digital nomads in the world, and the annual expenditure of these workers is estimated at around ¥110 trillion or $787 billion.

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Currently, the government is carrying out an action plan to increase the number of foreign visitors to Japan to pre-pandemic levels. The plan, expected to be drawn up this month, is that it is hoped the government will examine the challenges involved in opening the door to digital nomads, regarding matters such as visas and residence status.

According to overseas surveys, around 66% of digital nomads stay in one location for three to six months, so the government is considering issuing visas that can provide a stay in the country for more than 90 days. Japan has visa-waiver arrangements with 69 countries and territories, but the length of stay is limited to 90 days.

Currently, people that want to work in Japan for more than 90 days must obtain a work visa. However, according to the terms of conditions, workers must receive income from a company based in Japan to receive this work visa. People who receive salaries from foreign companies are considered not eligible.

Several countries in Central and South America, and Europe, have launched visa programs for digital nomads that allow them to live in these countries for around six months to two years.

Source: Asia News Network

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